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            There are many, many white guys out there named Brian Clark; and even a few Brian M. Clarks as well. This particular Brian M. Clark is an attorney, avocational writer, hobbyist musician, and lover of cheap beer who lives in sunny Los Angeles, California. You've probably never heard of him before, but if for some reason you've had the misfortune of previously being made aware of his existence, it might be because he owns and operates the independent recording label Discriminate Audio, or because he oversaw the now-defunct Unpop Art Movement from 2004 to 2010.

            Perceptive readers may have already gathered that this particular Brian M. Clark is extremely fond of writing about himself in the third person, especially in situations such as this, when there's simply nobody else around to sing his highly questionable accolades for him. Anyway, this website is devoted to Mr. Clark's hobbies, none of which should be taken terribly seriously. Site visitors are encouraged to send questions, comments, complaints, suggestions, hate mail and naked lady photos to brian[at]brianmclark.com. Thanks for dropping by.

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Brian M. Clark

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Fuck All You Motherfuckers Fuck All You Motherfuckers
Published 2010 / 2015.
Paperback, 190 Pages.

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Boyd Rice: A Biography Boyd Rice: A Biography
Published 2007 / 2015.
Paperback, 236 Pages.

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What Will Really Happen in 2012? What Will Really Happen in 2012?
Published 2010.
Paperback, 202 Pages.

Out of print.

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Cimarron Moon Brian M. Clark
Cimarron Moon
b/w Happy People

(Coming Summer 2016)

Unborn Ghost Unborn Ghost

(In progress)

Songs From The Empty Places Where People Killed Themselves

Brian M. Clark
Songs From The Empty Places Where People Killed Themselves
Released 2011.
Vinyl - $13.95

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The Unscratchable Itch

Various Artists
The Unscratchable Itch: A Tribute To Little Fyodor
Released 2013.
CD - $9.95

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Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt

Giddle & Boyd
Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt
Released 2008.
Vinyl - $13.95

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